What a beautiful time of year...

The weather is perfect. Sunny and cooler but not cold. Long sleeve weather perhaps, but not jacket weather yet.

Autumn colours are making their way on in, turning the different shades of green to hues of red and gold.
Perfect weather for taking the boys for walks and for playing in the yard.
I love mornings. I was thinking the other day of how darling it is to hear Dante talk to his 'mow's. (his kitty cat-stuffed animals)
Each morning, Demetrio awakens first and we go upstairs, he sits in his spinny-seat thingy and I make coffee and turn on the baby monitor for Dante's room. Within about a half hour I hear Dante. Not crying. He never cries in the morning. Not calling for me either. But talking to his assortment of stuffed animals. Three kitties, one dog, one monkey and one Bert.
To him they are all 'mow's - you know, like MEOW, but minus the 'e' sound. (cept Bert... bert doesnt have a name apparently)
He meows at them and talks to them in the language that only he understands. It's so sweet.
Then I go into his room to get him and he is chatting away at me, using a few words here and there that I actually understand-he is still stubborn it seems, with the english language.
He grabs his two favourite Mows, his white tiger with black stripes and his black panther missing a tail. The panther looks alot like our cat Ziggy that we had to have put down a few months ago. Dante really liked Ziggy. Though, Ziggy DID have a tail, unlike this Mow.
I carry him, and his two Mows up the stairs. Some mornings, he gathers ALL of his creatures together and it's quite the challenge carrying a 30+pound boy and his menagerie of animals all up a flight of stairs.
I love how he hugs me in the morning.
Demetrio is such a smiley boy these days. He LOVES Dante to peices and follows Dante everywhere.
Dante likes to grab his big car , and big fire truck and two big trucks and he puts them on the couch, kneeling in front of them to line them up and back them up and examine their wheels and doors, and loads them with things and dumps them out and makes siren sounds for his firetruck... then along comes Demetrio. Dante starts grabbing toys and tosses them in front of Demetrio, to make an obstacle of sorts. Demetrio of course climbs over it and keeps coming. Then Dante starts getting panicky and starts to yell and puts BIGGER toys in front of him, LOL.
Then he will run and look for his morning bottle that has been discarded by this point and tries to get Demetrio to finish it off. Hoping that Demetrio's bottle will distract him.
Demetrio does not walk on his own but walks all round the furniture and steps/climbs over everything.
The boys had their first successful bath together the other night. For the first time Demetrio LOVED it. Normally I put Demetrio in , even with Dante and Demetrio is totally terrified. But he was all smiles this time. It was so sweet.
Thanksgiving is here this weekend, but it's just Pablo and the two little ones and I, so I am not making a big dinner. Pablo is happy just to have a few days off and could care less about a Thanksgiving dinner. He's not really Mr.Traditional that way. Nor am I Mrs.Traditional.
Pablo's parents are going to Chile for 6 months next month however, so I do hope we get to see them and spend time with them before we go.
Oh! Renos! We now have new counters to go with our new wall colour etc in the kitchen. Looks SO good! (thanks mom!)
And we (Shannon and her boyfriend) cut down the fruit trees and we took it all the the green composting place. In place of three of the fruit trees now stand 18 Emerald cedar. I hope they make it! They look really good!



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