Doesn't get much better!

I just can't get enough of this weather. It downpoured on Saturday and with that onslaught of moisture came a beautiful display of lightening. Whatever flashes of light were missed were still proclaimed loudly by the thunder. All in all, a beautiful dance by nature, for sure!

Then yesterday, we decided to take a drive out to Hope. It's a tiny town just north-east of here. We have been thinking lately of relocating there. I do believe that many family and friends think we are nuts. But I think sanity is a bit speculative!  For me, insanity is the confusing chaos of the bigger cities. So many people, and so much energy just buzzing about. Not all of it, (or even most of it) positive. At least not for me.

In the city, I find that the accumulated pitch of everyone's energy is a bit overwhelming. I used to be able to join right in with it, flow along like everyone else. But I noticed that when we moved away from there, and 45 minutes away to a slightly smaller town, that that mental confusion lessened greatly. I found a creative side, and my spiritual side flourished. When on the coast, everything I did was somehow related to what someone else was doing. Whereas when we moved here, I found myself doing things that I wanted to do, for ME. If others were like minded and wanting to join in, all the merrier, but I started pounding out my own path as opposed to seeing what everyone else was doing and joining them along theirs.

Now, two years later, both hubby and myself want to go out further. There might only be 75,000 peeps in this city (as compared to 400,000 in the last), but they are all condensed into one small area in this valley. There is a distinct gab between the well off and the poor. The well off generally stay on their new side of town, not wanting to visit 'Downtown' . It's sad because downtown is where all the character is. The mature trees in front of older victorian style homes, a very picturesque stretch of stores etc that would look perfect in any city...however, ours has the great title of being crime capital of Canada. Walking down the streets of what should be such a pretty city, you see the sort of situation that one expects to see in Vancouver's East Side. On a smaller scale of course, but very evident. Most people do not walk the streets after dark in that area. Funny, because we moved from Surrey, and we would walk about all evening. Drive-by shootings seemed to be isolated for the most part to gang related activity and not so much the random violence incurred by drug addicts etc.

Where was I? Oh yes! Our reasons for moving ;).... What we want is simple. And that is.... simplicity. Stores to buy food, doctors in case of illness, schools for the kids, inexpensive housing so that we can afford to live- you know... working a job so that we can enjoy life, not just working a job so that we can survive and ALMOST pay bills.  In the case of Hope, hubby is still close enough to his job in town here , that he could commute. That of course is a big problem with small towns. Cost of living good, nature's beauty good, trying to make a living, BAD.

Will my older kids hate me? Most likely, but they seem to do that most of the time anyhow. It's only a Greyhound ride away, 30 minutes by car.... they can come out weekly, or more often if they can help foot the cost for a Greyhound ticket. OR catch a ride with hubby when he's doing an afternoon shift.  Technically, we could wait a few years until they moved out, but the prices of housing keep going up, and our pull to leave the bigger city keeps getting stronger.

We need to find our little niche in life so that we can just sit, settle, and call it home.

It was nice yesterday. While in Hope, we took the boys for a walk about the park, and a bit of the town  in the stroller, and as we were finishing up our stroll , heading back to the Van, a vehicle pulled up and a woman called out. At first I thought, it was someone looking for directions and how sad that I didnt know my way around enough to offer help, but then we realized it was an old friend of ours. I hadn't seen her since I was about 15 or so, so at least twenty years for me. Hubby had run into her a few years back, probably about 7... We quickly engaged in some comfortable conversation about the town, and her opinion of it etc., and when we left to head back home, it was with the sense that we were making the right decision. So, we want to put the house on the market in March, and we feel confident, that even in a town with only 6000 people, that we WILL find the house we need and that it will all work out. After all, things always work out the way they are meant to :)

Mead making on Saturday!

I can't wait! It will be our first batch we make on our own, so... if you're reading this, wish us luck!

In Love & Light!


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