Well, our new little oneis 9 weeks old. Things have been busy. And Ostara is almost here!
We are busy trying to get the Fraser Valley Pagan Fellowship up and running, as well as an affiliated Tot'n Parent playgroup. I have also been busy with my eStore, Terra Spirit Essentials.
I have been posting mainly on my wordpress blog because I REALLY prefer the tabs in it, makes it easy to create pages etc... but the features here at Blogger are better... *sigh* cant they meet in the middle? lol
So I think until I can get wordpress.org uploaded somewhere, I will be using this as my blog, and the categories along the side as pages.
I'm hoping to be able to do something nice for Ostara this year, a nice family dinner, a gift for each child or chocolates... We aren't going to be celebrating easter, as we are not Christian, but we certainly will be celebrating the Spring Equinox.
Falling on the weekend, it would be nice to be able to do a sabbat, but I'm not sure how that will work out. Now that Dante is older, he cant really be round for a ritual as he will be into everything, lol.. so we try to do it when he is in bed, but by that time, we are simply exhausted, and then I still have the littlest one to care for. So it may just be the dinner.
Nothing wrong with that.
In my opinion, doing circles are most important for magickal workings, to contain energy, whereas Sabbats are celebratory and not in as much need of circle casting etc. I try to keep my home a sacred space at all times regardless, using incense and other things to help maintain the harmony in the home.


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