How to Look Good Naked with Gok Wan

I have to say, I love this show.

In How to Look Gook Naked, the woman's body is celebrated. The aim of the show is to help the lumpy, bumpy, saggy, soft, dimpled, stretchmarked (enter your own personal complaint here), woman feel beautiful.

It involves lots of nudity. Real nudity, in the harsh light of day. Gok Wan does such a great job at making these women realize THEY are the norm, and they are beautiful.

He generally works with one specific woman, shows her how to show off her curves, without talking about diet or plastic surgery. But it isn't just about squeezing in, and pushing out with awesome bras , corsetts etc.... nooooo. In the process, the woman bares all, publicly. (usually with some nice heels and a new hair do, hehe)....

I always end up shedding a tear. Yeah, I know its aimed to pull on the emotions. But it's something almost everyone can relate to and Gok Wan is such a sweetie, he builds up some needed self esteem and love in women that dislike, or even hate their bodies.

I know it's a cliche, but we really do need to love ourselves more, and we need to love this sack that holds our soul.

When we hate our bodies, we are continually sending negative energy to ourselves. How many women, or men for that matter  have stood in front of a mirror and said ' Ugh! I look so fat/bald/old/skinny/geeky/' etc.

Some people do it every time they see their reflection. Poisoning themselves.Constantly boombarding themself with verbal and emotional abuse. It's such a vicious cycle, because the more negative energy we direct at ourselves, the worse we feel and then it does eventually actually affect our appearance.

YOU are the most important person in the world. Because without you, your world will not exist.Love yourself. Care as much for yourself as a parent should for a child. Nurture, support, patience and forgiveness.


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