Saturday Morning

A nice, lazy rainy day.

I woke up feeling quite positive and cheery this morning. Perhaps the lack of sleep making me giddy?

I really like Saturdays because Friday, although Akashik is home from work, he is busy doing the StupidStore shop, and whatever else needs to be done outside the home. Saturday is a true 'at your own pace' kind of day. Work is still two days away, no rush to get work/school clothes washed... no planning lunches . Akashik can play with Dante all day, allowing me time to enjoy one on one time with our little Demetrio.

I planted some Safflowers on Thursday, and our Calendula is growing so nicely in the egg carton on our window sill. The falling rain allows me to sit and daydream about gardening without having to actually DO any of it. lol... I can just plan, and think. I want to grow beans, tomatoes, peas, perhaps zucchini? I want to do mainly container growing to help reduce the chance of the cats using the soil as a litterbox.

Our calendula will be in containers most definitely. I use the calendula in my salves . Our Angelica is already getting quite bushy. It seems to have ignored the fact that a dusting of snow had fell only recently.

I really feel the energy of the earth.

Presence of the Lady in the rain that falls and in the quickening of life all around.

I feel the presence of the Lord in the lengthening days, the warmth in the air.

I have always loved the two changes in the year- light into dark at Autumn... the dark into light in Spring. The outward spiral is in full swing, and I'm feeling particularly caught up in it today.

Now, I'm off to eat some bacon!


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