What is wrong with me?

Seriously...  I had a home visit today with my 14 year old's teachers. They came to the house. He is in an alternate school due to behaviours etc. So anyhoooo, they came over to discuss his progress with me and to give me the run down on his results from his academic testing. My 19 month old was down napping, and little Demetrio seemed in good spirits, YAY, grumpy 12 week olds are not fun.

The house was tidy, I managed to get showered, things seemed well.They showed up and I brought them upstairs to the clean living room, all the toys were put away, everything smelled nice. (I am sure they thought I smelled like a hippy, I had been burning incense, but heck, I thought it smelled great). We chatted, my 14 year old was present for the meeting. We discussed his behaviour issues, his issues with interacting appropriately socially etc.... and then my 19 month old woke up from his nap.


He was SOOOOO miserable. Would not stop crying. He wakes up crabby from naps anyhow, but to wake up and see two strangers in the living room? Uh uh......he was NOT happy. Bad enough that he seems to hate other children. Generally when he meets adults in our home, he is quite friendly. Especially with the ladies! But not today. He cried the whole remaining of the time, while I rocked and swayed with Demetrio. I tried stroking Dante's hair, and talked to him reassuringly... nope.

I could barely hear what they were saying to me, and you could see the uncomfortable "omg, lets hurry and get out of here" look on the teachers face. The other teacher, who also does learning assistance, has two children of her own and did not seem as phased by it. But regardless, we had to speak over him. And there was nothing I could do, because I was holding Demetrio who was starting to panic at his older brother's crying. My 14 year old thought it was kind of funny and all I could think of was 'oh yeah, ok.. now I look like I just birth maladjusted children'... my 14 year old who wont talk in this school,(in fact I am sure they thought he was a mute when he started there) but is the biggest goofball at home, and whos mouth is getting him into trouble all the time because he wont stop arguing.. who was sitting there just shrugging when they asked him things this afternoon (with a smirk on his face when he looked over towards me.. brat) and now my 19 month old toddler who is FREAKING out at the sight of people in his home.

Oh well.

Let them think its my rotten parenting.... then I wondered if they had noticed my raven pentagram on the wall, or my 30+ occult/new age books on the shelf next to them, or the pentacle round my neck.... I could just imagine them as the drove away...

"oh my.... that child was SO anti-social.. must be something to do with the fact that she is a devil worshipper.... no wonder her older son is having social issues at school".... *sigh

They dont see him at home, and with his friends, Mr. Silly, and of course my relatively 'adjusted' 16 year old daughter and almost 20 year old son were down in their rooms, so they didnt get to meet them.

They got up to leave when they were done, and I walked them down to the door. As soon as I started down the stairs with them, Dante stopped crying. I said goodbye, and when I got back up here, Dante was nattering happily at me, eating his cheerios and giggling at 'In the Night Garden' and my 14 year old was on the phone blabbing to his friend.

Evil little monsters they are.

Gotta love them.


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