Spellwork for Sale

This really bothers me.

I used to have my www.terraspirit.org site at Webs.com before moving it to wordpress, and at webs.com, you can create web rings. I had a Canadian Pagan webring.

I  was more than happy to add sites to my webring, as long as they were Canadian, and Pagan, and did not sell magic spells.

It irritated me to no end to stumble across sites from 'witches' offering , for a small (or NOT so small fee as in some cases) fee, to do spellwork on your behalf. A new love, a new job, health etc.

Now, I don't know how many readers have ever watched the Secret, but if you have and if you do not know alot about Witchcraft, the Secret is pretty much the non-witches version of magick. You have a goal, and you visualize it, you send that energy out to the Universe/Divine/God/dess or what have you and that energy , in the form of your desire, should manifest.

A witches way of doing it is usually a bit more ceremonial and is much more fun, lol..... but the basic concept is the same as the Secret... loosely... anyhow....

So a person in CyberWorld offers to do a spell on your behalf, and I have seen the cost range anywhere from $10-$1000.00!

The whole idea behind the concept is that the person with the desire is to put THEIR energy into making this happen. If they want something bad enough, then they need to work at it to bring it about. If they are not a witch, and they don't know how to go about doing this, and have come to one of these pages for help (as I have had happen to me, bieng contacted a few times by people looking for help through my site), then the best service you can do for them is  instruct them simply in the method of making this happen.

One does NOT need to be a witch to do this! It is a simple matter of grounding, focusing, and then directing that energy. If  a witch REALLY wants to improve the world in a small way (and he or she SHOULD to a degree want that, as we are all connected to one another!), then he or she will teach another how to do this, in the chance that this might help a person to realize their capabilities and help them to take ownership of their life.

I have come across those, who when you explain this to them, say "It's too much work, can you just do it for me?" well then..... forget it. If you're too lazy to do it yourself then you don't want it very badly, and if you don't want it badly enough, then it will not happen.

The even bigger problem I have with this is that for the most part it is BS. Sure, I bet some of these lovely people offering to do this for people REALLY take the $200.oo from some poor wanting soul , and then proceed to go to the full effort of building and releasing energy to make it happen - BUT for the most part, the person is simply taking the money, and that is it.

In some cases, that may be enough... because the person might TOTALLY believe that the magic is being done, they are visualizing the end result on their own, thereby bringing it about to some degree. But in other cases, the person just waits for the universe to hand them them something that they can be bothered or do not know how, to work for on their own. The end result of THAT scenario is quite sad, because not only are they out of money, but they also are left with a bad taste in their mouth for the ' Craft of the Wise'.

In the end though, the only REAL results are going to come from the person whom the spell is for.

This is not to be confused with something similar to the following : Your good friend is having a very difficult financial time. He has asked you if you can help with sending some energy to make things better. Along with doing a bit of spellwork on his behalf (which you dont charge for), you also tell him how to do it on his own. At least to some degree.

You see, its not the fact that someone is doing spellwork for someone else that pisses me off, but the fact that most of the time they really ARENT and that they are charging exhuberant amounts when in fact, what they should be doing is offering a wee bit of 'how to'. What's that old saying about teaching a man to fish?

Anyhow, I'm sure that was a scattered post, but I had just come across another site offering to help you find TRUE LOVE for only 250.00. Yuck.

Oh, and if anyone is interested as to why Magick really does work, check out



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