Typical Equinox Behaviour

The weather is raging violently.
Wind is tearing through the trees, & rain is pounding against the house. The past few Ostaras that I can remember were like this.
A few years back, we went to a community outdoor Ostara ritual and the weather was so very powerful. Driving rain and winds throughout the ritual and all night. We camped in a tent there and woke in the morning to see so many huge broken branches everywhere. I was surprised that none peirced our flimsy cheap tent!
Two of my children have gone to their grandparents, my almost 20 year old is an atheist, so celebration will be limited to my husband, our 19 month old, our 12 week old and myself for today. We are going to try and do a sabbat this evening. Our coven sister will be coming over tomorrow, but day time sabbats do not work so well for us because our 19 month old and altars, just don't jive.
Tomorrow we will do some eggs, and maybe work in the garden.
I feel like such a bad witch these days. I know it will get easier as the kids grow. It was much easier when we just had the three teens. But in time, as the children are able to celebrate with us, it will be even more enjoyable.
Blessed Ostara!


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