Mar 2, 2009

What better way to pass the time...

...when a baby is at your breast twelve hours/day.
This darling , cute beautiful baby boy has the amazing ability to screech like a baby dinosaur. (no Im not old enough to know what dinosaur babies sounded like, but I can imagine.)
I got very little accomplished round the house yesterday, I managed to make a stew out of the leftover roast, washed some dishes, put my hair in a ponytail, and then planted myself firmly in this chair playing with Blogger themes (thanks Sheila for the link).
So happy my husband was home, because he entertained our 18 month old while I sat here and nursed. I should mention that I did alot of rocking, dancing bouncing around the house with him also, but as far as domestic productivity? nope. Well, at least the little one will grow up feeling loved and secure... I just really hope he outgrows his baby dinosaur imitation.

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