What's in a Title?


Okay, I couldn't think of a title for my post. I always have a problem with titles. ANYhow.... eoN came over today and we made wreaths for Ostara. I made a lovely pork roast and my super moist banana bread/cake (cream cheese in the batter ooh yum) for dessert.
eoN brought eggs and now I have some beautiful Ostara eggs for the altar. (also make good decorations for hanging on trees out in the yard). Oh! And we added to our sabbat tree as well, speaking of trees. Added little blossoms. It was a good day, and now I'm sleepy.
Our Society forms should go in at the end of next week. eoN contributed 31.00, and bought some incense today. Im using the money from the incense to go towards the Society as well. Almost all the money we need to get Terra Spirit Pagan Fellowship legal, is in. Im so thankful to those wanting to make this a reality.
Our little ritual with hubby, baby and I went well last night and I feel very excited about the season to come.


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