Holding Hands

Children grow so quickly. One day they won't hold my hand anymore.
Parents seem so rushed to send off a child alone to school.
"I'm teaching him some independence!"
Don't worry - they learn soon enough.
Much of the time it seems that the parent is just glad that the child can be sent off to school while she returns to her computer to play candy crush, or bid on the next coolest thing on the local swap site.
Don't worry, one day soon they won't want you close. They won't want that helping hand....
so while they still do? offer it.
Hold that small little hand while you walk with your child to school.
Remind them how very precious they are to you.
Remind them that they are valued and worthy.
They are only young once and one day --- it's too late for hand holding. Until the time you are old, and need them to hold your hand.


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