And Yesterday was the Last Day

of cipralex.
Racing heart and jittery, and chest pain are part and parcel to my anxiety attacks and since Cipralex can effect heart rhythm and can be potentially dangerous for people with certain heart problems, I just couldn't help the feeling that every day I was having a heart attack. Even though my EKG is fine and my dosage was so small... still can't justify the risk of 'what if' and THAT in itself has given me more anxiety than anything else.
I loved Paxil. It worked great for me, but the weight gain broke my heart, even though I increased my activity and lowered my carb intake.
I guess there's no miracle cure for me. Anxiety isn't as debilitating as depression - I never think of killing myself, I don't lie in bed or hide from the world- so I can't justify those sorts of side effects. I get up, I live, I participate in life, most of the agony is inside my head, the only problem is the irritation and aggravation I feel. I guess if I am suffering depression it is in the Mad, not Sad form.
Back to trying the St. John's wort but not missing dosages, going to stick to my multi with the B vitamins, and going to TRY to see what happens if I sync myself more with natural rythms... to bed earlier and awake earlier. It's hard to get to bed early, when the kids are asleep I want 'me' time, but maybe it is a sacrifice I will have to make for a healthier me. The time for myself should be quality perhaps and not quantity?


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