The First Harvest

Out here on the west coast of Canada it seems as though summer only just got here. It was a slow start with lots of rain and not a lot of heat. So it was strange to realize that the first Harvest Festival was already upon us.
From Wikipedia:
Lammas is a Neo-Pagan holiday, often called Lughnasadh, celebrating the first harvest and the reaping of grain. It is a cross-quarter holiday halfway between the Summer Solstice(Litha) and the Autumnal Equinox (Mabon). In the northern hemisphere, Lammas takes place around August 1 with the Sun near the midpoint of Leo in the tropical zodiac, while in the southern hemisphere Lammas is celebrated around February 1 with the Sun near the midpoint of Aquarius. On the Wheel of the Year, it is opposite Imbolc, which is celebrated on February 2 in the northern hemisphere, and late July / early August in the southern hemisphere.

There are many different bits attributed to it here and there, but to me it simply signifies Low Autumn. The Wheel of the Year spinning past the last bit of Summer before entering Via Negative - Autumn.  In Low Autumn the sun is often at its hottest, even as the days grow shorter, going out with a fiery blast.

Not much is ready in my yard for harvesting - though that has a lot to do with the fact that I planted nothing really 'havest-ish'. We planted peas that we sort of graze on every time we are outside, and the blueberries are enjoyed in the same fashion. The Quince are a far way from readiness, as are the Asian Pear, and the calendula looks sad this year.

We went to visit friends yesterday to share in a harvest meal. The boys had lots of fun eating huckleberries from the forest behind their home and we had a nice time enjoying the company of great people.

A view from their patio


Kids eating berries

Apparently not only the dog likes to follow them but the cat does also and smetimes the chickens.


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