My Battle with Sewing

Kenmore 158 1660 Manufactured in 1976-1977
I've always been a rather dismal seamstress. I have always preferred hand sewing than arguing with this beast. It helps little that I have no manual, and no idea what I'm doing. The ol' hand n needle method is far less complicated but does indeed take far more time.

So, after a bit of searching online for some bobbin info (my husband took out the whole casing trying to get the bobbin out, rather than just popping it out with it's little level) and getting everything back in, I realized that I was actually interested in figuring it out.

See, my husband had a little sewing project to do. His mother was over and gave him some pointers and he finished his task. I stood off to the side and hissed at the machine. I had fought it and lost before and was not interested in re-engaging battle.

However I have an EMP (Empire of Medieval Pursuits) event to attend today and my hand sewing method was taking a long time to complete. So my hubby, who by now had more sewing experience than I -other than bobbin changing- offered to show me the basic threading set up etc. All was fine enough until we went to change the thread colour for my dress - hence the bobbin incident - but after searching online and finding different info including tension etc I can say today that I can sew a hem :)

I even learned how to wind the bobbin, haha!

The machine above is my machine. It was lovingly used by my mother since the later half of the 70's and she passed it on to me. She is now a real estate agent and so I hadn't bothered her for sewing instruction... I had just kept the VERY HEAVY creature off in a dark little corner. Now I feel as though this creature and I are making friends. :)

I'll probably get a manual from online unless anyone has a 158 1660 model pdf they want to email me.

Now, I must get ready. I didn't get my dress done, but I have my other that I'll be wearing.


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