Random Post : If one day my collection of fav books is dug up by a future civilization

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I was thinking about some of my favourite inspirational books and quotes.

The first book that changed my life (other than embarking on the Darktower Series of course) was The Road Less Travelled. Scott Peck.

About the same time was Celestine Prophecy. James Redfield. I admit I have not made it through the Tenth Insight. I will one day.

Time passed and then it was A New Earth.

From there, something in me was awoken and in a round-a-bout way it led me to the writings found at Nag Hammadi. I spent about a year diving into Gnostic texts, as well as those considered 'Gnostic related' - in fact I am still browsing about and pouring over those periodically.

Finding The Gospel of Thomas warmed my heart to no end.

Cynthia Bourgeault's Wisdom Way of Knowing was very lovely, and one of my favourites, closely followed or tied with Living Buddah, Living Christ by Thich Nhat Hanh. I also LOVED Mitch Albom's Have a Little Faith.

The MOST inspirational book out of those however was A New Earth. I don't care how 'New Age'ey people think it is. This book moved me. It redirected my way of thinking back to a spirtual 'IS' ness that had been lacking horribly. I read it at a time of my life when I was still very active in the Craft. It did not cause me to toss away my ideas or beliefs, but I could not help but see those beliefs take on a whole new dimension. Both this book and my dearly loved Gospel of Thomas remind me of a tarot deck. It doesn't show you anything that you do not already know, it brings out what is inside you. Your understanding of it will vary, depending on your personality and experiences.

I came across A New Earth totally by accident. I moved to a new town. I didn't know anyone. I bought some formula for my new baby, hoping the formula would help him sleep a bit longer, as the feedings every 1.5 hours were driving me insane (a short drive, granted) . Shoppers Drug Mart was giving out gift certificates for Chapters. 10.00 for every 75.00 or 100.00 spent. Can't quite remember which. So, I went home, and went online to see what 10.00 could get me. It had to be cheap because all I had was the 10.00 gift certificate and no 'credit' on my credit card.

I checked the bargain bin section of the store. There was a book that came up for about 4.00.It had a shiny looking sort of salmon-orange cover. Looked neat. A New Earth. I had never heard of it. It was 2007, and this book had not been plastered all over the TV talk shows yet. I just saw a pretty 4.00 book, did the math with the shipping and found out I could afford it. So, I ordered it.

I started reading it and then I had one of  those cliche 'aha!' moments that they kept talking about on Oprah later on. Many of them actually. I was able to spend the next few months putting into practice what I read and I'm telling you, when in that mindset??? Life is so freaking amazingly simple.

It was that book in particular that opened my mind to the realization of all paths being one path, etc. (most likely because it draws on many different 'wisdom teachings' that have already been mentioned in other books, but often in a much more difficult dialect for a noob like myself)  I started questioning the 'why's' of the things I was doing in my current path, and allowed room for change and growth. Began investigating Buddhism, Gnosticism, Early Christianity, Sufism, Kabbalah, and Mysticism.  It really did get something inside me to start thinking. Since that time, even now, when I pick up that book, the concepts feel just as valid to me now.

So I was thinking... If I took my favourite books, and bound them.Buried them. Leaving them to be found by a future civilization, like the Nag Hammadi... what would it look like? What kind of assumptions would be made.

Do the books we love provide a glimpse of who we are? I really think it does. Books we love... not just books we read so that we can  tell people how brilliant we are because we just read the latest over-wordy, over-complex, snobbish bit of ink and paper to grace the academic world. The books that moved us. Taught us, and affected us the most deeply.

Of course, bound with the books mentioned above, would HAVE to be the entire Darktower Series. ;)

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