This time, I wrote it all down...

I finally determined which was which in my last batch of infused oils. One was equal parts plantain and calendula, with a half oz (volume) of goldenseal and myrrh. The other salve was a general all purpose, not for selling however as it was an extra strong version of the Diaper Salve, it's not listed on my website, I just wanted something for home use.

So, the trick was to search dilligently through the cheesecloth and try to find the goldenseal, because I had only put it in the one salve and not the other. I found the goldenseal, it sticks out rather easily, as it is hard and round, a golden root. Though the colour is no longer golden of course because it has been steeped in olive oil with numerous other herbs for 6 weeks.  I heated it all up, added the beeswax, and now it is sitting happily in tins, waiting for labels.

Tonight I made a few more salves and this time each has all the ing listed on each jar. 

One jar of Comfrey and St.John's Wort for bruises, sprains etc. not for open wounds, because comfrey can heal the skin amazingly quickly, trapping bacteria inside if it hasn't been cleaned out properly. We know that here and make sure wounds are cleaned and dry (which they always should be anyhow) before applying. I don't have the same assurance elsewhere, so I don't promote it as being for open wounds...actually, I don't technically promote the healing values of any salves in my advertisement because it's illegal to do so. Kind of a bummer... I list the ingredients, and on the site provide a clickable link on the ingredients so that the person can learn more, but I can't directly say anything 'healing' about it.

One jar of Diaper Salve, because I only have three left, and one jar of something new. I know a few people who suffer from cold sores, and I know that studies done and published online at legit government/medical sites have discussed the merit of Lemon Balm ointment for cold sores. So, I thought HEY, why not? Lemon balm, some sage, which also apparently an antiseptic virus killer (I say apparently because I have not personally spoken to any scientist who says this is so) and of course it is in a calendula base. When it's steeped for 6 weeks I'll add some lavender and peppermint essential oil. 

Here's one of the links I was reading that mentions the lemonbalm and peppermint oil.

I also have a jar of sage, hyssop and patchouli oil that I'll be turning into salve tonight or tomorrow, to use during meditation or ritual, and last but not least, a jar of lavendar and lemon balm oil to use as a pre-bedtime salve for relaxation. 

That's all for now!




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