Mundane (with a wee bit of mystical)

I've decided to start keeping track of what I'm eating, as my esophagus, acidic stomach issues have been getting a bit worse. I've never really had heart burn. I get that weird gurgly acidic feeling in my upper stomach. Often it feels as though I'm hungry, and recently I have been having a more difficult time swallowing food.

So, before I start eliminating things, I'm going to take a look at what I'm eating. The amount I eat isn't usually too bad, but I will make a mental note to keep meals smaller.

Last night, bad stomach acid. Not a huge surprise, I had a salad at about 6:00 with grated cheese and a balsamic vinegar dressing. Bagged salad with grated carrot and purple cabbage. Not a lot. I also had coffee.

Woke up this morning feeling not too bad. Did not notice the acidity until I had a cup of weak tea. It had cream but no sugar or sweetner.

Went for a 3.4km walk, pushing the stroller with the two kids in it. Brisk walk. Came home feeling hungry, I hadn't eaten yet.  Made two peices of whole wheat toast with sliced cheddar. Increased stomach acidity, so I am now drinking a plantain tea.

I try to keep in mind my carbohydrate intake because I react to sugars quite poorly. Almost immediately after eating anything high in carbohydrates, including fruit, whole wheat pastas/grains, potatotes  etc. I am soooo tired that I feel as though I am on drugs. Seems to be an effect of the increased insulin that is released when I eat carbs. So ,often the foods I eat that are carb friendly, are not exactly gut friendly for me.


In happier news, today is a beautiful day. Slightly gray, nice breeze, the air feels clean. Autumn is slowly leaking into summer. I'm so glad. I am not a summer girl.There is a sense of magic as Autumn unfolds herself. When I go on our walk, I can almost feel a separation of the layers. I can blot out the chaotic energy of humankind and instead heighten my awareness of the natural perfect energy of the non-man made. In doing so, there is a sense of an ancient, enormous presence.

It's a drag that my physical issues have been making it harder to enjoy all this lately. Mainly because I find that the exercise does not really help the physical discomfort. However, the walk does indeed help me reconnect to that deeper part of me that is not limited by my silly body mis-functions ;)

Must get into the proper headspace to write up a ritual for Saturday evening. The basics are done of course, because that part does not change much. It is more the central part, that which is relating to High Autumn, the Equinox. So... that's my task for today :)



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