Bye Bye Google!

Well, I've been pulling out of google services to the best of my ability. Been feeling strangled by google lately, and I'm just not cool with that. I like freedom to have different email addresses for different services, not being obligated to HAVE to have a google account linking me all over the place. I'm not cool with the ethics either. Enough has been said re: #nymwars elsewhere, it doesn't need to be re-said here. However I realized just how intertwined I had allowed myself to become in a monopoly, and that has pushed me out of my comfort zone. So, photos coming out of Picasa and into photobucket/flickr. Documents will be shared on ZumoDrive, blogging will be via Posterous at Wordpress & Tumblr (check those Terms of Service), I don't really use Gmail anyhow... and for a browser.

Find me back at Facebook ... I HATE facebook, but the groups I participate are there, my business page is there.

Google+ does not offer anything that Facebook doesn't, (except that I was not inundated with game invites and virus-type messages YET) , nor does it offer anything that Twitter/yFrog or Subjot don't already do quite well. So, really, I have no need for G+ and am deleting this service. I WILL however be at Diaspora, because they were the guys with the vision, one that they made open source, and that Google CLEARLY ran with. Makes a difference when you have billions of dollars. You can take the dreams of the little guy and accomplish in a few blinks, what they have been trying to do for a while. However, they have an advantage. Diaspora will not delete us because of names. Diaspora will not inundate us with ads, make us sign away our rights to content and is decentralized.

I'm Birch Wind Moonrise at Diaspora. (Moonrise Azalee if you are a Second Lifer)
Remember that you can use any pod (pods are different hosted Diaspora systems). A full list of pods, their uptime, length of existence etc can be found here: . I have found to be a great pod. Same with Either way, choose one from the list, or if you have your own server and are tech savvy, install it yourself. .

See you around!


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