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I confuse myself...

I have noticed that recently, when I post on posterous, it's tweeting twice, and going to wordpress twice... but I don't think it's my autopost, because tumblr, xanga and blogger are only appearing once (except for sometimes when my phone app freezes and I resend the post), so what the heck? I must have something set somewhere that is doubling it back... hm. I think tumblr MIGHT be tweeting, which in turn goes to facebook... but how is it posting twice on Wordpress?

Oh well, ANYhow.... Ive been super good lately at cutting back my comp time. It's only been two days, but so far so good. 

Our room is in the rec room downstairs, our two youngest ones are in rooms down there also, so I simply bring my laptop down with me at night when I go to bed, and I don't bring it back up until the little ones are in bed. So, I'm not on the comp at ALL all day until about 10:30pm. Amazing how nice it feels actually. What an addiction, lol. Mind you, I've always had an addictive personality. 

I still have phone apps that allow me to upload pics right from the phone, and so sometimes when out and about, I see something cool, and I upload it to Posterous (which of course, posts it across all the platforms I use) but that's about it. Yay!!!

Matthew Good is coming here, tickets went on sale today. I am REALLY hoping to go, but right now have no money for a ticket. This is the coolest show to hit Chilliwack, (minus the Tea Party, when they came to the university a few years ago) and I've been a Matthew Good fan for a LONG time. SOOOO hoping to be able to go!!!

Got a haircut today with my daughter. She's such a great kid to go anywhere with. She's always been really awesome. Never demanding, never mouthing me off or getting into trouble, NOT like me when I was her age... heck, actually by the time I was her age, 18, I wasn't too bad, but growing up I was awful until I left home at 16 and struggled with the mess I'd made of my life.

I love my kids. Even though my 16 year old son drives me crazy sometimes, I love him always. Every day. And even though he's at his dads, I think about him all the time. It's nice with him being there, because we get along great when we aren't face to face. Something about 'in person' we seem to trigger all the worst aspects of each other. We both know it, we both talk about it, and we both question it, and we both tell each other we love each other... I hope we figure it out one day.

My oldest son is totally self sufficient. Sure, he lives here with us, and is 22, but he pays for all his own food, his own cell, internet etc. He pays me a bit from each paycheque. Just a small amount, because he only makes a small amount, but I appreciate that he gives back.

Hubby and the two youngest and I are heading off to one of the southern gulf islands in about two weeks. I love going there, because you feel like youre in a different world, even though its only a 1.5 hour car ride and >1hr ferry ride away. The little islands between Vancouver and Victoria are awesome. If we could ever afford living there (meaning we would have to be financially independant because there is NO work there... mostly artists/writers etc) then we would move in a heartbeat. 

Alright... Ive got about an hour left of computer time, and I am off to the world of Second Life! 


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