Father Sun. Hail the King.

He had been growing in strength gently and with patience. Stretching the days long, so that Brother Robin had only a short rest between singing his farewell at nightfall and emerging from his nest again in the morn to sing us into wakefulness.
His gentle warmth had brought the quince flowers to fulness, and with care brought the blossoms to their death so that the fruit could grow.
The Earth Mother loved his companionship, but it was now time for the cycle to complete. It was time for self sacrifice. Such had been the way since time eternal.
She kissed him then. They danced one final dance.
Then, he removed his crown. He removed his robes.
Freed from the protective restraints of his garments, he exploded into an abundance of light.
He grew brighter and hotter, even as the days grew shorter.
The intense heat from his rupture caused the fruits to ripen and the corn to stand tall.
The Dying Sun King scorched the land with his last breaths, until exhausted, his last bit of essence fell into darkness.
As the Mother collected the seed from the rotting fruits, she drew his remains close to her. She sighed, feeling tired herself, but smiled knowing she would see him again and dance the sacred dance.


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