Approaching high summer

But it doesn't feel like it. The days are long however. Its ten pm now and the sky, although dark, still has a tiny hint of light in it. The hint is made even less by the overcast sky.
My sixteen year old son is still not at home. He's at his dads now. Not sure if it is permanent or not.
Ooh, the wind has started up. I'm sitting out back on the balcony. Listening to too many cars whizzing past. There used to be no road back here. Just a few neighbours yards touching, then a green space leading toward the traintracks and beyond. I could sit out here at night and listen to frogs, crickets, nightbirds and sometimes coyotes.
Now its cars. Racing past on this road that spits out onto the highway. A 'super' walmart and a home depot grace the stretch of asphalt also. Thankfully trees block out a good portion of the atrocity. Rather I just see, and hear all the vehicles until they get past the traintracks, then I can no longer see them as the meander round the curve. Can still hear them though.
Every once in awhile all goes quiet. A gap between spurts of traffic. Sacred silence.
Now it is dark. The train is thundering by. I always love the train though. It is a sound that never irritates me.
Sacred silence now. The wind is blowing the poplars. In my yard the fruit trees and lilacs rustle. The overgrown elderberry brushes against the house and the windchimes sing their melodies.


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