Why a New Path?

Why start a new path? Why form a new 'religion'? Although this is touched on in the specific Divinaturist sites, I thought I would mention it here.
Divinaturism is Earth-Based and Spirit Centered. Some might say it falls under a category of Paganism. Or Monotheism. Or Panentheism. It had enough variations for it to be considered on it's own. Though we consider ourselves a Sister path with many others. (more can be read about this at divinaturism.com or the Divinaturist Fellowship )
Basically, the way it works is that the Divinaturist Fellowship is a Society dedicated to promoting awareness of this religion, and to promoting well-being and peace within oneself and others by practicing the shared beliefs that are given here.
The Society also helps to establish Member Temples, such as Circle of the Eternal Sun. Each Member Temple will be similarily constructed and have the same basic concepts and attributes.
Why was this done?
Well, it seems that there is room in society for a new path. Though 'legalizing' it is not a necessity, it helps because it allows others to know that it is taken seriously, and that it is something that is formed by a group of people on equal ground.
Divinaturism has a place because it is a path that is based on not just the Earth, and not just the Heavens, but rather 'Heaven' on earth, and within us. It is a path that helps us to unite the Inner and the Outer . Father Spirit and Mother Earth. Divinus and Natura. Combined, these two, in their sacred dance, we are closer to being able to connect to our Source, which lies within us.
May 13th, the Society became incorporated. Although it will take time, as anything worth doing does, this is something bound to grow and blossom, like our spirits.


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