Recap of the Weekend

It has been a few years since I had last seen a certain group of people whom I used to see quite regularly.

There were about 40 of us this weekend, celebrating a slightly belated Beltaine. The festivities were held at a location most secret... between the realms of time and the lands of the eternal. 

Although the rain fell for a good portion of it, the main ritual was almost completely done before we felt the first drops. Even at that, the rain was gentle for the day and did not keep us from the focus of the event.... choosing a May Queen and new Stag King. 

After the Women's and Men's Mysteries were done, our communities new representatives of the Goddess and Horned God were chosen and united. It isn't an easy union however.. it is proceeded with one of the most bare-bones raw aspect of the pagan tradition of Beltaine. Without giving away the secrets of the event, I can say that for a period of time, one truly feels the embrace of something ancient, not in the rites itself, which are of course not as based in antiquity as many think, but nontheless there is an old, eternal , earthy spirituality that rises and dances amongst all. Nothing sinister, just something revered. Now it was time to dance the MayPole.

Ribbons round, weaving, in and out, over and under, rythmic and satisfying. Chanting and singing praise to the manifested presences of the Divine.

Laughter, drumming, fire, smiles and just a heck of a lotta love.

As some good friends would say at the Wigglian Way - "It's all about the love"




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