The Divine is manifested within this, the natural world. Mystical in the Mundane. The cup which holds the elixer. The negative charge which draws the lightening bolt.  Divinus in Natura. So.... when the natural world is destroyed, how will It communicate. Unless we are all champion meditators, and expertly 'enlightened', will we still be able to sense the Divine?

In the blades of grass. The petals of the flower, the smell of spring on the wind.... as living nature falls away, will I still be able to hear God?

When I moved to this valley, I started having strange nostalgic tugs and pulls. Spiritually new thoughts and ideas. Moving to a place with less people, still quite a few, a city... but we lie inward of the coast, considered Fraser Valley East where the mountains which encompass us are almost humanless.Just trees and sporadic dwellings here and there perhaps... but for the main part, uninhabited. Being within this nest of nature is almost like being within the center of a ring of huge quartz crystals... magnifying messages, and amplifiying feelings. 

Especially at sunset and twilight each day, I find myself feeling an odd sense of archetypal ceremony. As though tapping in to a vast variety of worship. Unseen and unheard. Christian God, Judaic God, an Orthodox Christ, a Gnostic Christ, perhaps even Ba'al. 

This doesn't happen all the time. It happens often enough however that I can sense it approaching, recognize the signs of it's arrival. 


Really beautiful though.


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