Fun times.

Okay, so... both boys are sick, the two youngest.
Found out on Sunday that we are getting sued to the max for a TINY nudge that may or may not have been our fault while stopped at a light behind someone in a standard that didn't seem to know the difference between forward and backward - no, there were not witnesses.
My hard drive crashed and I lost about 13gb of photos. Yeah, I know... I should have made a back up, but the comp was only five months old.. I didn't expect it. Stupid me.
Other than that, been working on the constitution for Divinaturism. I think it's coming along well. I have 5-6 people willing to sign for the lealization of it as a society.  Hopefully starting some classes on Mindfulness at the Mental Health center. How cool is that? I spoke with the nurse who is teaching it, and I swear it was like talking to someone well learned in the verse of Thich Nhat Hahn, Meister Eckhart etc... shes been teaching it for five years. I know the process, I work on it when able, but having a weekly meeting which I attend simply for that purpose? That's kind of cool.
My 16 year old started Wellbutrin. It's been a long stuggle. Amazingly though I'm seeing improvements with him. He no longer wakes up in a rage, angry and mad at everyone and everything. He's still got his 'quirky' personality traits, and that's fine. He isn't trying to change who he is, just trying to better who he is with some help.
Hm, okay that's all for now!


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