Divine Grace

Our ideas and perceptions of God are unique and varied. If we were created in God's image, then it would stand to reason that God is multifaceted, diverse, complex and all encompassing. 

Anyone who has come across my many shared thoughts and opinions knows that I don't identify as Christian, or Jewish, or NeoPagan, or any one definite path such as those. Rather I am a Divinaturist. I find different commonalities within many different religions and spiritual thought. I do thoroughly enjoy the Hebrew/Bible Old Testament though, because I find much pleasure in reading about the experiences and understanding of God from times long ago, and seeing how they relate to different circumstances today.

I had a really bad day last week. I hit these spells where I just feel overwhelmingly angry and irritable. The toddlers fighting, the dog whining, messy kitchen, piles of laundry, argumentive teenagers, unpaid bills etc etc... some days it all just comes at me at the same time... you know, those days when that old saying 'When it rains, it pours" rings true 100%.  Well, it was one of those days. Everything that wanted to come out of my mouth was bitter and rude. I had to make great effort to not stomp around the house and slam doors closed.

So I went for a walk. My daily walk. The two toddlers in the double stroller. And that was the day that I took the picture of the rainbow.

Walking in the cool air, hearing the chorus of birds singing. The dappled light through the damp branches. I felt Divine Grace.  That Grace, and Mercy that is often talked about in the Hebrew Bible. I felt it reach to me. Strong and ancient and true. 

Yes, one could say it's just the birds. It's just a nice day. It's just [enter whatever here].... but it doesn't change the fact that I was giveh the ability to feel it. To be comforted by it. What a great gift. The gift of feeling. What a wonderment, to be able to be angry and hateful and vile, and regardless, the birds sang, and the air caressed me, and a rainbow painted the sky. To me, that is the Divine Grace, or Grace of God . Not a voice telling me I am forgiven, or a bearded man in the sky patting me on the head.... but simply the ability to feel the deep, undeniable moving force of sacredness within this messed up chaotic space that we call home.


Happy Easter.


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