Low Spring

Well, it turned out quite nice. At the last moment my 2 year old decided he didn’t want to join us. Our three year old was wearing bells around his arm, so that he could jingle about while we danced, and this seemed to upset our 2 year old. We tried to offer him bells too, but he really didn’t like the bells. He wanted a bottle instead, lol… so he sat upstairs with my 18 year old daughter and watched Treehouse.
We got off to a late start (PST-Pagan Standard Time) but all went well. Akashik made up a drum beat for looping, with the background sound of water,  a raven and an eagle… some windchimes here and there… it was a perfect medley. We honoured  the quarters, we welcomed the Four Blessings. We blessed Wine and Bread, and danced. Along with the drum loop that Akashik created to play over the amp, he had his real djembe also, and we had a tambourine, so we really got some rythm going.The central part of the ritual was planting some Holy Basil.
We gave thanks to Shekhinah and Melekh, and vowed to remember to walk gently upon the earth, and to be mindful of the Divinity within the ordinary.
I baked some french bread, and made a pork roast. Artichoke and leek dip, olives, different cheeses and more… it was a nice spread :D


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