Im stepping back from Facebook. In actuality, I was just going to do it and leave it at that, but I wanted to be able to stay in touch with whomever wants to stay in touch. I use Posterous to cross post to different blogging platforms (Tumblr is awesome for a simple image, or quote etc. So often what I post at tumblr (godisinthewind.com) is different from the other places)

Facebook minds me of speed dating. It also brings about a weird sense of 'friendships'. When one sees status updates all day long, one often doesn't feel the need to directly email, or call a person because 'HEY I can just post on their wall!'

This really hit home for me a few weeks ago when I found out that a friend of mine from highschool, died. We had found each other on Facebook, and that was great. She had suggested we see each other sometime and I kept saying 'Sure, really soon, next time I'm out that way'... but you know, something about being able to just communicate via facebook seems to take the urgency out of those actual physical socializations... or even a phone call. So at the back of my head, I always thought 'yeah, I'll go see her sometime soon' in the meantime , lazily just opting to post instead. Then she died. Her brain cancer, which had been in remission, came back and she died. There was no second chance to go see her.

I don't want to be a lazy friend, and I don't want to have lazy friends, lol.... HELL, if you'd never email each other directly, or communicate on any other venue except Facebook... (even if it's a mutual interest forum or email group etc) then how are they a friend? 

So for me, I'm leaving it. If someone wants to contact me, I have listed all my blogs etc, as well as left an option to send me an email address. And please, really, if you'd like to be in contact, if you send me an email address I'll stay in touch. Or we could even go one step further and exchange a phone number! Scary thought I know.

Anyhow, that's where I'm at right now. 

And if you see this post multiple times, (perhaps you alreayd follow some of my different blogs )its because I'm using posterous.com A handy lil blogging device. Check it out! 


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