All in all, a nice weekend...(warning - long and rambly)

Not sure exactly what it was that made this weekend so nice. It sometimes doesn't take much to impress me (just like sometimes it takes very little to really irritate me, in all honesty)

My sixteen year old and I got along reasonably well. This is great news considering how the past few weeks have been. I went to go check out a place for some friends of mine, I'm hoping to get them to move out this way... my husband gave me a ride there, totally didn't mind - and this was cool too, because normally he's not a fan of stuff like that. Then later that night, he and I went grocery shopping with our 2 and 3 year old...something we NEVER do. He always goes on his own because it's easier than packing up  the kids,  (my 21 year old is usually working evenings and my 18 year old is semi frightened of crying toddlers. I'd go myself but hubby is the wheelman. One day i'll be the wheelchick, but for now this is the necessary evil) ... the kids were great. Grocery shopping was a breeze. Got great deals on things... kids went to sleep no problem (plus of course we did our outside play time in the chilled air, like every day)

Next day was just a rolling sort of day... hubby and I were very amicable, teenage son was still being a good kid.... I took our 2 year old with me for a walk to walmart.I accompanied my 21 year old on his way to work and because hes a foot taller than me I had to MAJORLY speed walk. Good excercise, my calves/thighs hurt today. I do 3km a day, and I go quick, pushing the double stroller with 65lbs worth of kids in it... but at the rate my oldest had me walking I was almost running! Anyhow, the air was chilled, the wind was really whipping through the valley, but it was gloriously sunny. Eagles were flying, grass and trees were dancing in the wind. I just felt so darn alive. On the walk back I took a bunch of pics. 

Last night hubby did a tarot card reading for me, and during the process, I made some connections with the tarot that I had been missing... I'm not proficient with the tarot, but I meditate on different cards and am slowly and surely learning all their paths and suddenly, the Tree of Life/Sephirot link has made itself understood. It was cool and I was inspired to pick up my tarot work. Watched a mediocore movie on tv, but it had been so long since I'd watched tv (Treehouse for Toddlers does not count) that I really enjoyed it.

Then today... but first some background - my husband works ten hours shifts. On his feet for the whole ten hours, at a machine. He's gone about 12 hours/day. He has a three day weekend though, which is a bonus... but it means during the week, come home, play with kids (cus he is an awesome dad. Truly and loves every moment with his kids) and sleep. when weekend comes, he wants to be on no ones clock. I get it. I totally do. I worked for many years and raised my older three on my own, a mother from 16 years old onward... so I know what its like to work and be a parent... add into it the fact that until he and i got together a few years ago.. he was also a musician, and very fluid within the pagan scene in Vancouver... so he really got to have his time to himself when he wasnt working.

So now, having kids and working lots, and wanting to have weekends to himself, he hasnt been super excited about being up early on Sunday morning so I can go to church. Yes, church. Neo-Pagan, Kabbalah-studying,  Gnostic minister... I love my local Anglican church. I love the people... I love the fact that there are as many different ideas about God as their are parishioners.. I know no-one in this new city, and for the past three years, although Ive tried making new friends (a neat thing to do when you move after 30 years of living in the same few miles) Ive met nobody really. It'll change when these lil guys get to school and I can get some part time work.. and Im not knocking it, but it gets lonely. last year, being so far from the pagan scene and missing a sense of community, I started church hopping and voila! Found a wonderful little church with a priest who is fabulous, so is his wife, and the Deacon... just loving it. But... hubby was not cool with the sunday mornings anymore... oldest son worked, so he wasnt around to watch his lil bros, 18 year old... a darling girl but not good with two toddlers who are into everything all the time... and frankly leaving her with them so I could go out would NOT be a break for me at all, I'd be worried like crazy, lol.

Bringing the kids could have worked... but this was really my time to myself. so... anyhow this weekend, hubby surprised me by giving me two big thumbs up to go to church. He was up early, no complaints... I went to coffee afterward, came home and he was still chipper... he asked if I had a good time. And truly I really did.... then we spent the afternoon outside, replanted our Corkscrew Hazel. Had a pleasant evening together...

I know that to many peeps, this would be a totally dull entry, but thats okay. Ive got a bad memory and I like to write down things, moments in time (or weekends lol) that make me happy.  

And this weekend did truly make me happy. 

Lots of outside time in beautiful southern British Columbia, going to church, no arguments.. it was nice. :D



  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend, Shilo. Sometimes, the quiet, mundane weekends are the ones that recharge us. A bit of this, a bit of that, siblings not murdering each other, spouse doing some little thing that just makes life nicer.
    Mine was similar - trip to library with the kids, watched a DVD, played Donkey Kong with my six year old, made a den behind the couch for the 3 and 4 year olds, tidied out my knitting basket, read a book from the library.
    Nothing world-changing but all pretty life-affirming.


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