Second Life Travels

Well, I've been hanging out in SL alot these days. After the work is done, kids are sleeping, lunches made... I venture off to my virtual home in the metaverse.
I am still enjoying my time in Spirit Nations immensely. It is truly a lovely place with lovely people. It is not a role playing sim, but rather a place where like minded folk gather for story telling, healing circles and more.
I gave up my home on Barbados Beach. Rent was good, but you know.... just got the urge to move on.
I found a fantastic place  though.
I was wandering around, from parcel to parcel, checking out different things. Empty lots, rental cottages, trying to find something just right.
I found a place at  Teras Island, owned by Cheswick Properties, and part of the Isles of Cheswick Estates. The homes are all lovely with great sized yards. The lot I'm on is 1280 m2, and each lot has the house already built, but they are great places. Nice quality. Rent is 750L, and has 300 Prims. The Prims don't include the home, so you get a nice place, beautiful yard  PLUS still 300 Prims to play with.
There are little pathways to walk along, a stream running through it.
Very nice.
I am definitely going to stay here awhile.
Want the slurl?
Definitely a place to check out if you want a quality home, on a class 5 server, with beautiful scenery and some decent primage for you buck.
Another nice place that I found was Tir na Brighid. Quite beautiful, private, beautiful feel to it... almost desolate, yet lovely. Same price, same primage, but not really much for yard space. Definitely take a look though. It is a part of Kismet I believe. I popped over to Kismet while there and danced the maypole a bit, and cuddled with a deer :)

Gaias Rising, an awesome place! Love it.
And of course, there's always Covenstead as well, with wonderful places to visit and many cottages for rent, very appealing to the Pagan-minded.
Well, it's late, I'm off to bed, I'll leave you with some pictures :)
Cooking up some.... something, at my new place in Teras.

Weeding my garden at my new home.

Hanging out with my friend Dagda in Kismet. Awww, he's cuddling with the deer. 

Just absorbing all the beautiful scenery in Spirit Nations. It is required that you dress appropriately. There are free Male and Female clothing boxes near the bridge at the entrance way to the community area, just out of the shops area.

Dusk in Spirit Nations.

Notice the cool cross? Reminded me much of my pendant. I HAD to take this place. Note the nice sized yard and very darling home. 750? Good price!


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