Circling Around the Sun

I often sing 'Light is Returning', the Charlie Murphy song, and I often reflect on:
One planet is turning...
Circle on her path around the sun...

It's such a marvelous thing really.
The way the whole thing works.
Yes, there is despair and hate and darkness and other horrible things caused by imbalances within our system.

But overall, even amidst it all, it's amazing. Sometimes, the water in the sky (the clouds) gently falls upon us in a gentle drizzle, other times the clouds seem to almost throw themselves down to earth in so many spears of wetness.

The hues in the sky as we turn away from the sun, and the same similar hues, tho reversed, as we turn back to the sun come morning.
The cells in my body attacking foreign invaders, the cells in my body hard at work repairing, after I tear the skin.

The unification of a single sperm, who has won a battle amongst many others, in a rather unwelcoming environment, with the receptive egg. Instantaneous division of cells, growing into a person.

I could never be a world-hater. A system hater? Possibly... though hate is perhaps not the correct word. I would rather aspire to be 'independant of' the system. (a hard task, yep!)

The natural state of the earth, without the interference of human ego is so freaking amazing.

Just some random contemplations this evening


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