I've got that feeling again

Broken filter.
The emotions running the gamut from one extreme to the next. Moment to moment.
But the chain on this pendulum is short and it never goes far enough to do  much damage.
I notice that the times of pure bliss and overwhelming joy are sporadically speckled with anger and irritation. I have a restlessness but because I think too much, the thinking itself complicates the ability to get things done.
The filter that blocks out intensity must be dissolving somewhat. This is often a blessing.
The feeling of connectedness, the awareness of the presence of God within and around all things... If I had a more capable filter, these things might not seep through to me.
It's just too bad that this also allows in the not so wonderful. Luckily I know how to bring about the feeling of wonder, and my forcing myself out for a walk with the little ones, whether it be drizzly and dreary, or clear and colourful, I am able to tap into the source, as the trickles and drips seep through the veil and into my heart.


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