God is like Soup

Tree of life with the 10 Sephiroth and the 22 ...Image via WikipediaSo, with the talk about dualism on the message board I run, I had had alot of my mind...this whole good/bad, mercy/severity, wealth/poverty etc... I had been walking with my husband yesterday, and was rambling off some different thoughts I had.He and I both are approaching Kabbalah from slightly different aspects.

I was saying, that God, the Divine, it seems as though comes through this world fragmented. I feel/sense the presence of Divinity in the wind, in the rivers, and in fact have been prompted to seek out one of the Sto:lo in our area to teach me about their native spirituality.

I was thinking of how if you take the most delicious fantastic soup, and passed it through a sieve that divided the parts, you would have salt, spice, sweet, bitter, etc.
Someone could taste any one of these parts and say "OH MY GOSH, this is DISGUSTING!"

And one could say, "but this is SOUP, soup is fantastic and delicious and life giving!"
And another would say, " If THIS is what soup tastes like, I want none of it! I would rather starve!" and starve they might.

Or maybe someone would say "This is not the REAL soup, this is the false soup. Real soup does not taste in extremes. Real soup would not have such bitterness, such tartness and random chunks and pieces"

Then one, perhaps a chef, would say "Ah, but it is my job in life, to bring the elements of this soup together so that they may mix within me and give me nourishment and strength"

hmmm.. okay, so that was very abstract, but I am pretty sure you get my meaning.
So, yeah, was thinking about this, how God is perhaps fragmented on this realm, this world of matter....

And then at home, reading some of my study work, I was reading about how the paths of the Sephiroth on the tree of life, are Seven, and they tie in not only with the Ancient Planets, but that these Paths are also related to the Double letters of the Hebrew Alephbet. Each path being dualisms sort of (when looked at as one of the double letters). Slowly they work their way down through Yesod and into Malkuth, the earthly realm that we are on. In Malkuth these things are actually physical. Struck with density.

And here, it seems to me, that these bits and peices are all lying about. In their singular forms.

If we look deeply, we see that they are all interconnected by the threads of the Divine, only faintly visible in this dimension unless we KNOW what we are looking at/for.

These threads can be touched, and the linked vibrations felt... sometimes this is noticeable by the true few that can 'see'. It isn't that they have special powers, it's just that they are, somehow, able to grab that vibrating thread, and hear it's tune, like an almost non-existent guitar string.

We are to be the Chef, all the emanations flowing down to us, and us uniting them, here on this physical realm.

Yeah, so anyhow, I share this not because I am saying 'This is what it is', but I am sharing it because this is the truth that is speaking to me right now. It is what I am understanding, and like all things, it is open to change and growth. But this is how God is revealing Itself to me. Through the tools manifested in this realm... this is the flavour of these experiences I have been having since past spring and couldn't quite put my finger on it, or find the words.
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