What am I?

Not an easy question to answer.
I've been thinking about it alot. It is my goal to be able to have a ministry and so it sounds odd to say 'What am I'? However, I am fully aware of the message in which I want to share, just not sure exactly of how to label the context of its delivery.

1) Gospel of Thomas: it is within this writing that I seek spiritual guidance and inspiration.
2) Panentheism: God is within all. All is within God. Although the System of the World is faulty and an 'empty carcass' , the Kingdom of God is at hand, it is here, but we do not see it. Let's see the Divinity of God within His creations! Let's celebrate the cycles of the earth, while not getting caught up in the Ways of the World.
3) Unitarian: Jesus was a Mystic, a Teacher, a Rabbi. He was not God. He was not Divine. He may have been inspired and filled with the Holy Spirit of God, but he was not God.
4) Because inspiration comes from the Gospel of Thomas, honouring the Shabbat, is important. After all, Jesus was Jewish. His version of Judaism was different from the traditional view of Jews at the time, one could liken it to Reform Judaism of today, but it was, nonetheless, based in Judaic teachings.

So, perhaps the term Unitarian Thomasine would be suitable.
Hm.. things to ponder.


  1. I like this post. Today in church the pastor was talking a lot about John 4, where he was breaking the taboos with the Samaritan woman, and more about how Jesus was a Jew, but he did all these things that just weren't cool for Jews to do. (that's my paraphrasing, he said it much better!)

    I'll do my Thomas homework so we can chat about that with more effectiveness :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! And yes, please read Thomas, http://www.gnosis.org/naghamm/gosthom.html is a great place to read it online.


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