Every once in awhile I am blessed with the ability to sense a complete oneness. Sometimes, when I go for a walk, I am overwhelmed with the beauty, the smells, the sensations... wind blowing past my cheek, vivid colours - so many shades of green, pulsation of life all around. Every home with people in it, living, eating, cleaning, crying, laughing-
A feeling that I often am not able to describe or put my finger on takes over and tears fill my eyes. I feel the Divine Presence all around me, and within me, and there is a longing and almost sadness because I know that if I even think about it too long, it will vanish.
At times like those, I feel as though I am rustling the curtain. That invisible boundary that my 'little me' creates and strengthens whenever I allow myself to be sucked into the things that don't matter.
Just have to keep working at taking that curtain down, or at the very least, get sheers. :)


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