Fellowship of the Spark Within

I've been working with some different ideas as to how I would like to see Spark Within go, as far as religious direction. Some things that I jotted down:

Unitarian Thomasine[ism] (lol, is that even a word? *sigh* lol)

  • Jesus , through the Gospel of Thomas taught a view of God that was shaped by the religion he was raised with. Judaism. However, this view was quite radical in nature and leaned toward a reformed/pre-mystical way of thinking. These ideas were not unique to Jesus, however, he was the one able to 'get the message' out there. He was able to be heard.
  • Jesus placed an importance on the Sabbath and the Torah. He felt it was important for one to understand the true nature of the Sabbath and its purpose.
  • Jesus was not divine. He was not God. He was inspired by the Spirit of God. He was open and wise to the message of God, but he was fully human.
  • The Kingdom of God is here, but we do not see it. We are slaves to a corpse-that which has no spirit-this is the System. It is lifeless.
  • Our light within, our Spark, is the breath that gives life to the Kingdom of God on earth. Allowing and encouraging that Spark to burn brightly, to become a Flame, helps to bring the Kingdom of God into a deeper, fuller manifestation.

  1. Know Thyself.
  2. There is One God. (unitarian)
  3. God is within all, and all is within God. (panentheism)
  4. Honour the Divine on earth. Respect that which man hath not created.
  5. Read and contemplate the Gospel of Thomas.
  6. Follow Noah's Seven Laws
  7. Honour the Sabbath. Recognize it as a gift, and not an obligation. A gift for repose.
  8. Honour the religion of Jesus' birth. One does not need to convert to Judaism, nor participate in all Jewish Holy Days, however one should have a basic understanding of this religion, as it is the foundation on which Jesus began his teachings.

So, that's what I had been thinking of. It isn't all ironed out, but I was writing some of these things down while I was sitting outside with the children.


  1. Have you ever read any of the scriptures of Kashmir Shaivism? Books on Advaita Vedanta? It sounds like they might be up your alley...maybe.

  2. I haven't no, but I will take your suggestion into consideration :D


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