Boys Will be Boys

Will they ever!
Wow, these past few days it seems like the two little ones have grown so much. Rather than toddling babies, they have turned into little boys. Dante even bit Demetrio today! And then thought it was funny to chase him about, gnashing his teeth at him. So funny in fact , that he often laughed himself silly. Demetrio was pretty freaked out about it (can't blame him!) but not freaked out enough to refrain from diving on him, smacking him about the head and knocking all Dante's blocks off the table when Dante was busy building towers and trains. Then it was DEMETRIO laughing his head off while Dante screamed bloody murder.
I can't count the wipe-outs over the past few days.
Bumps on heads, bruised shins, strange marks here and there from battles I've apparently missed while in the bathroom or in the kitchen trying to cook and clean.
After a few day bout with a bad back, I was thrilled to be feeling groovy enough to do the 40 minute walk to the grocery store (and 50 minute walk back. Extra ten minutes due to the added weight of groceries packed in and about the double stroller with the kids) The sun was shining and it was actually down right hot on the way home. Too warm in fact to play outside for long once we got home. So we went out again later today for some play time. On the way home from the grocery store, about three houses up from mine, I saw a wooden TV stand with shelves. Quite a bit shorter than the one we had. But it was wood you see, and our living room furniture is circa 1960. It was my grandmothers. But my TV stand/entertainment unit was very much 90's. Black with shiny gold trim. We have fake wood laminate floor, wood trim on the couches, wood coffee table. Getting a wooden stand was something Id wanted for awhile. And free is a good price. So after getting home, I accosted my husband who had just woken up. He's on nights right now. Begged him to go get the stand for me. I had asked my 21 year old, but he was out the door, going back to work from lunch, so that left my husband only.
After he went to work tonight, I had my two older sons carry it upstairs, then I had the fun task of unplugging everything, making note of where plugs go etc. I got it all set up and wow. It is small. And short. It kind of looks like a headboard from a bed, LMAO. But hey, its WOOD!
Then I couldnt get anyone to help me get this big black shiny monstrosity downstairs and... I don't know, out the door maybe? With the same 'free' sign that was attached to cabinet I just adopted? Either way, it is now sitting smack in the middle of everything, at the top of the stairs.
Oh well. I got my cabinet.


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