Autumn has finally stepped in

Up until a certain point, in the beginning of Fall, despite the chilly mornings and there is still a stubborn Summer sun beaming down.
Then, one day, a particular rain comes, and with it, the winds of seasonal change.
The day that follows, there is a change in the air. The sun of the darker half of the year has assumed it's place and even on the sunniest days, one can feel the difference.
So it is today.
Up until yesterday, the sun was still so warm that during my walks, I would forget we were in mid-late October. Then the wind came, and a true Autumn shower. Today on our walk, there were many more leaves on the ground, damp and trodden. The smell of damp cold wood in the air, brought to life from a colder sun.
I do love it.
The kids are growing so much. This year Dante actually kind of understands Halloween. When we walk past houses that have ghoulish decor he says 'Look! Halloween!' . This year will be the kid's first real year going out. And just in time it seems, as now the older ones are quite done with trick-or-treating (well, still some tricking going on by my teenage son I'm sure).
We went out last night and got costumes for the two little ones. Nothing scary, Eyore for Dante (his choice) and Tigger for Demetrio. Just simple pull overs that can be worn over their regular clothes.
We'll just do a cul-de-sac and return home. Maybe do some groovy decorating. Who knows. As I age I find my interest in the rituals of society waning, and my interest in inner spiritual growth increasing. So, lest I become a fuddy-duddy, I have to remember to CELEBRATE!!!! :D


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