Update on my internet addiction

Well, I must say Im rather pleased. Two days in a row now I haven't been on the computer until dinner time. Truly I am pleased with myself. This takes great willpower. ;)

Oddly enough, it's been really nice. I unplug my lap top at night and put it away downstairs, and I dont have any temptation to check emails etc at all.

I've been reading more, watching tv a bit (had totally stopped watching tv)

Im also currently med free. I couldnt afford to refill my meds last week so no Strattera for this monkey. 

So now Im med free, and alcohol free, and carb free too. Energy is pretty good. Though I did have a nasty evil migraine a few days ago. Hoping that my moods will stay a bit more regular now that Im monitoring my carbs. 

Ive been on meds since Christmas. Paxil at first, but this kicked in an already overwhelming urge to drink. So recently I got off SSRI's and onto Strattera, an NRI, which worked amazingly well. Killed my urge to over indulge in drinking/eating/book buying, lol.... greatly improved my focus. Actually, it helped it so much that it was hard to beleive it wasnt a stimulant.

The other good thing about Strattera was that because it killed my appetite, TOTALLY, I began to lose some of the really un-groovy thirty pounds I gained on Paxil.

So, now I just hope that all the good work that got started keeps going. I guess that part is up to me. If this post seemed totally out of focus, I blame the fact that Im sitting outside with the kids, while they play with the little water table. It's after seven. *pats self on back*... another day in which internet took a back seat to the 'real' life.


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