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Going to the eye doctor today to finally update a prescription for glasses. I haven't worn glasses in about 15 years, but it's becoming quite evident I need to wear them again.

As for meds, still figuring out the correct dose of Strattera. Was up at 40mg but felt more of the actual side effects than any benefits. So, back down to 25 for now. Tomorrow I'll add in a 10mg, bringing it to 35. Zoloft is down to one 25mg every fourth day. I still really feel the SSRI withdrawal effects by the third day.

Spiritually, still trying to find my place. I've felt quite separated from God the past little while. Knowing He is ever present, but unable to find that feeling of 'connected'. I think it has alot to do with the fact that the two youngest kids have been getting noisier and noiser and the only silent time I have to myself these days is at about 11pm, when they are finally both sound asleep and all the chaos of the day is half-assedly put away in containers , boxes and tucked away on shelves.

Well, that's enough for today's post.
Demetrio is screaming like a lunatic and hubby has to sleep because he is working nights.

God Bless


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