Well it was a rough Sunday. Monday I decided to double the Zoloft to 50mg. 25mg just was not enough to ward off the paxil withdrawal. The past two days have been better. My littlest guy is still not sleeping well, but I feel better able to deal with it.
One thing that was quite great about this weekend was Saturday.
My friend Shannon was over, and we went through the ritual that we had reworked from our Gardnerian days. As a central part, was discussion. Right about that point, a girl I had met at the Chilliwack Coffee Cauldron arrived. What a nice surprise!
We went through the ritual again, not that we needed to, but so that she could be included, and then spent some time chatting. Shannon read from Jung and the Lost Gospels, and we discussed ideas that came from that.
Then, Shannon took me to the Duke of Dublin for a belated bday dinner.
Sunday however was a night mare.
The lack of sleep caught up with me, and the falling seretonin from the med switch caused a major breakdown.
I won't go into too much detail except to say that I was embarrassingly horribly frightful. I think it had been building up over the days prior and needed to blow out.
So, since then, I've felt alot better. No more switching meds. I feel good enough right now, and that's where I'm leaving it.
Back to business now.


  1. Happy to hear that you're feeling better! =) I've closed down my FB account but you can reach me through my blog or at my email maggiebradshawster@gmail.com


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