Jul 16, 2010

Day two?

Okay, this could get boring... or interesting. I guess it depends. Day two on no paxil. Day two on 25mg of Zoloft. Day 4 of almost no sleep. The night before last I got almost six hours, but up until then, and last night also.. maybe two hours or so?
18 month sleep regression... I hope this doesnt mean that it LASTS for 18 months, lol.
He is almost nineteen months old now, so does this mean he will soon learn to sleep again?
I have almost fallen asleep standing up, patting his back in the crib twice now. Not a graceful thing I can tell you.
I have two more icons coming from St. Andrei Rublev Icons
Risen Christ and Heavenly Paraclete, to accompany the Hagia Hesychia that I got last month. I am very happy. Happy Birthday ( a bit belated) to me :D

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