18 month Sleep Regression

Well, he's just about 19 months but the Sleep Regression part is quite fitting.
At 5am this morning I was lying on the floor, on a blanket, next to his crib, with my hand through the bars so he could hold onto my finger, reassured that I had NOT snuck out of his room.
He was never a great sleeper, but this past week or so it has really escalated. At least previously, if he did wake, I could give him a bottle and he would have a few sips and go back to sleep. About a week ago, when I would give him the bottle if he woke, as soon as he heard my footsteps walking away from the crib, he'd toss the bottle and stand up screaming. Sooooo I caved and picked him up and rocked him... an hour later of rocking him and he's still opening his long lashed dark brown eyes to check and see if I'm still there.
I understand the concept behind putting them in their crib to sleep, and not rocking them etc. , but it was our special time together, the only time he wanted to actually sit with me and cuddle. He is such an active little guy that he rarely takes time out during the day for a snug, so it was bedtime that gave us that special time. When I saw he was getting sleepy, and lay him down in his crib, he would suddenly start screaming his head off and be wide awake and this would go on for an hour or more, and so eventually I went back to just rocking him for a half hour and all was well.
But, it has fallen apart.
At about 1am, he wakes up and that's it. He expects me to stay at his side, or with my hand on his back, patting him, all night. Two nights ago I actually started to fall asleep while standing up, patting his back in the crib. I wonder if I would have fallen over, or just stood there, sleeping.
Either way. I am TIREd. (and he is running about happily)
Off to grab another coffee!


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