The Wrong Alice

I really enjoyed Alice in Wonderland. It was fun to watch, and visually stimulating. Yes, it was predictable, and sure it was a bit cheesy in places, but it was a comfortable movie. It was familiar. Reminded me of all the movies I enjoyed as a child.
At one point not too long ago, I felt like the Wrong Shilo. Some time has passed, and I've come to realize I wasn't the Wrong Shilo, I was just Hardly Shilo. Now, I am Almost Shilo, and I'm pleased with that. Of course, if you haven't watched Alice in Wonderland, then this quite possibly makes no sense.

My fifteen year old is home right now. He came here today and is here til Sunday. It's been peaceful, but I've missed him alot. As horribly as we argue and as rotten as he can be, it still feels 'right' that he be here. He's only been gone for a week and a half, but it isn't the amount of time he has been gone as much as it is the fact that he has not been gone simply to visit his dad. Instead, he is living with his dad. For the first time.

So I, Almost Shilo, am going to sign off now, in hopes that I will be an Even More-So Shilo, soon. Getting a good night's sleep might help that along.


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