Mater Amabilis ~ AJC Narthex

It was our first Narthex meeting today. There was only the three of us, but we had a really nice time. Good discussion, and good coffee. (oh, and good cookies too, if I DO say so myself :) ) Can't wait til next month!


  1. Wish I could have participated! =) When I first started attending St S, there were very often only 3 of us! Keep up your beautiful work and I'll be remembering you during my times of contemplation. =) Thanks for linking to me again! I have a link to Mater Amabilis, too. <3

  2. @M.Beguine, thank you so much for your comment. Your thoughtfulness is very appreciated :)I have been reading your blog for quite some time and deeply enjoy it. Thank you for 'following' and for linking to Mater Amabilis :D


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