June 7th

I always have a hard time picking titles for posts, especially when Im on more of a ramble than an actual topic. The kids are doing well, though I'm having a rough time with my 15 year old. I'm sending him to stay with his dad for a while. I'm hoping that he hates it there enough that he begs to come back with a true intend to behave himself. And if not, if he actually enjoys it there, well then... I guess that's good too.

Dante and Demetrio have been a handful lately. To be expected I guess, two boys 16 months apart. Demetrio insists on climbing on the table as soon as I leave the room to do anything. Lovely. He has at least cut down on his snail eating. Quite disgusting  having to scrape snail pieces out of his mouth. Even though we have a small yard, it just takes him bending down, pretending to smell flowers to trick me. Suddenly, he's crunching away. Lovely.

I'd love to find some nice books for the kids. Spiritual but not uber-Christian... not in the way that teaches anything literally anyhow. Gentle bible myths are fine however. I have 'All I See is Part of Me' and it's quite nice. It's spiritual, but very generic. However, even with the non-denominational aspect it has a nice mystical feel to it. I enjoy reading it each time I pick it up.

I have a little picture of Jesus with a child that came with a Rosary I ordered some time ago. Dante was looking at the picture and said 'Papa?' LOL... the long hair I guess. I said "No, that's Jesus" and he said "Jesus? Jesus Mama?" It was cute really. He doesnt say LOTS of things, and every time he copies words it makes me so happy. I have quite a few books about with biblical scenes on  them and he thinks everyone with long hair is either Jesus, or Papa. :)

Some pictures:



  1. I can't help loving that picture of him with his feet on your laptop. That smile! He just looks so happy to see you LOL!
    Don't some people pay good money to eat snails?

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  3. LOL, ugh, I hate the snail eating. I guess I'll need to upload those pics too. Yep, he's a funny one that boy!

  4. They are definitely growing up and changing so much. Love the smile!!

  5. ROFL at the snails. Luka used to lick everything - bus shelters, walls, people's elbows. Now he sinks his teeth into his bunk bed rail. Apparently, I used to do the same. I've turned out OK so I'm trying not to stress too mcuh about him.

    Also, I used to think my mum's cousin Gordon, was God. He had long hair in his graduation photo and I just assumed he was God and Gordon was just another pronunciation.


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