Mar 7, 2010


And I'm getting ready for church.

It's been a long time, and I am oddly VERY nervous. I think mainly because I feel awkward about what I'm wearing. Do I wear jeans? Long paisley skirt? If I wear a skirt, do I wear stockings? Open toed shoes? Closed toed heeled? Closed toed, almost loafer like.... and then if I wear THOSE, can I WEAR a skirt?

I'm not dressing to impress anyone else. Im not thinking of what I would look best in, but more along the lines of 'what is appropriate'. I don't want to stick out like a sore thumb.

Also, I have a bad habit of over swallowing when I'm nervous. This results in a very dry throat. Then I begin to over swallow more because my throat is dry. Before I know it, I'm coughing and choking. One thing that always helps when I'm out and about is chewing gum. From what I remember, gum chewing is not acceptable in church. Perhaps I can just toss it in my mouth and NOT chew it? LOL The random scattered thoughts floating about my brain.

I hope that the Adam and Eve story doesn't come up. That one is a hard pill for me to swallow. For the most part, anything else that I read or hear, I can just interpret it from a Gnostic angle. But when they tell the story of eating that apple... how their desire to 'become like Gods' being the beginning of the end for us, I want to say... Hey! It is called AWAKENING! If we slumber in paradise, then how do we ever wake up and discover our true origins?... Something along those lines.

So, I will sit, and contemplate and maybe sing. I will just try to feel the collective energy and see if it is a place that I can spend a few Sundays. I would like to get out to Victoria monthly for the AJC service at Regina Coeli. Perhaps that is something that I can put into motion in the near future. Littlest D is sleeping alot better at night most of the time, so it might be doable to hop on a Greyhound for the night and come back right after the Sunday service.

Well, now I'm off to finish getting ready... must stare at the shoes a wee bit longer and see which ones will be the lucky pair to attend church today.

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