Yes, it's here! Although in this part of Canada, I must say that our winter was so very mild and springlike for the duration that I really can't complain.

With our new heat pump/air conditioner from Neel's Mechanical, I don't even have to worry about spring signaling the beginning of our 'melting' season :D

I'm really loving my new tarot deck and book. I love the ethereal feeling to them and the way that the figures are coloured in order to correspond with the different sephiroth on the tree of life, this makes it easier to recognize contributing factors to the base card itself.

The book that Julia Turk has written to accompany it is a great benefit and I definitely recommend it as well.
The Major Arcana, and all the cards really, have a very unreal feeling to them. Definitely an inward journey.

Okay, and this bag? I was browsing Amazon.ca and found this... It looks awesome for taking into the grocery store, round the yard, to someone's house for a pot-luck... very cool.

So, speaking of gardening, I have some pots all ready to go. Filled with dirt, perched on the patio.... just waiting patiently until fear of frost has passed and then I will be planting for a patio garden. Dill, thyme, oregano (I hope) and garlic chives.
I figure that having everything in pots will help immensely in ensuring that the cats don't do their business in it all.
After three summers, I finally know what our mystery tree is. It's an Asian Pear tree. I had just thought they were extremely odd apples with little taste and an odd texture. Currently it is boasting some fantastic leaf clusters and little flowers ready to open. The Quince is doing similarily well.

I went to the local Anglican church again last weekend and it was quite nice. For the first time, in 20 years, I was able to take part in the Eucharist. Anglican's aren't quite as fussy as the Roman Catholics are. The congregation is really nice. The people are kind, as is the Reverend.

I have been thinking alot about Egypt lately. Husband has been watching alot of those Magical Egypt DVD's and I've been enjoying them also. It's pretty amazing, all the things that they were able to accomplish in their age. I have developed a fondness/appreciation for Hathor/Het-Heret as well as Horus/Herut. I think that our sacred space will be adopting an Egyptian look to it.

Well, that's about it for now. If you are a member of the forum (and if you aren't - become one! ;) ) please add to the favourite reading thread. I am going to create a page here with suggested reading and music.



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