Going to Church

I had been corresponding via email with the Reverend of a local Anglican church. It’s a nice church, and although I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend in my prayer space that we are building in the garage, I had been thinking about what it would be like to be in church again. (there are no Gnostic churches near me. Not yet anyhow ;) )

I wanted to attend this church, but I had the need to contact the Reverend, tell him what I was about, and ask him if I could find a place there to spend some of my Sundays. After a few casual emails, I told him I am a Gnostic, I told him that it is my most sincere wish to become ordained into the Gnostic Priesthood one day. He replied very kindly, stating something along the lines that he was quite sure that with all the diversity God created with the people, that everyone was bound to have their own connection with Him. What was true for one, would not be for another , and did it really matter? Most often in life, people do not actually agree with us, and that rather than it be a problem, it should be looked at as a unique flavour that can be brought to the table. Well, I thought that was quite nice. Of course, I haven’t actually gone yet. But I will be going this Sunday.

I also have been in contact with the Reverend from our local United Church. She is very nice and accepting also. Originally, I had not even thought of going to an Anglican church, but I felt drawn to give it a try. So perhaps I will alternate weekends?

Here is a very not great pic of the prayer room we are creating in what is now a garage.

Now, if you can imagine the altar, candles lit, lights out, incense going, and light background music of either Quiet Heart/Spirit Wind, or Music for Compline, then maybe you can get a better idea of how nice this actually is for me :D

So many paths to the Divine.  This is the one that is beckoning me.


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