A Myth

From the Divine~

The Divine is beautiful, strong, eternal.

The Divine is life and death, male, female, spirit and soul.

The Divine is all of us.

The Myth:

In the beginning, there was the Divine One. Love in it's purest form.

In order to increase in strength, the Divine took two aspects of itself, male and female, and sent them outward to the universe, to the earth upon which we dwell.

She became the earth and the water.

He became the air and the fire.

She became Goddess. He became God.

They are called by many names. They are The Great Mother and Father,Lord and Lady, Goddess and Horned God, as well as a myriad of names given to them by different people from different places at different times.

The Goddess manifested herself through the all that grows from the earth and waters. She receives her warmth from the air from God , and God also moves her from below, as the fires under her.

God is apparent in his solar form, which he governs. This heats the earth and helps Her life to spring forth. Goddess is apparent as the lunar form, which she governs. She uses the moon to move her waters and to create mystery. Her coolness helps to temper the heat from the sun.

Goddess instills in us emotions and ideas, and God helps to propel those, to bring those thoughts into action.


Sometimes for some people, Goddess is not as evident as God because she is everywhere. She is everything we walk on, eat, touch and feel...she is SO present that often mankind has neglected to remember her. It is easy to recognize God ...we look to the sky above and see the sun...we forget that it is HER which we stand on to see this.

As we envision our Lord and Lady, as we create them in physical form in our mind, we are able to direct love and admiration and respect toward them. When we send them this love, it goes straight to the Divine. Which strengthens the Divine and in turn strengthens us.

We are all part of the Divine. We are created by divinity. When we send love to the Divine through the manifestation of the God and Goddess, we are sending love to ourselves. When we invision our Lord and Lady in the form we are comfortable with, it is easier for us to communicate with them and therefore communicate with the divine.

We can even take the energy we send to our Lord and Lady and use it to direct at an intention we have in order to create change for ourselves. As in magic..

God and Goddess are in us all. When we honour them, we honour ourselves.

When we honour the earth, and the air and the fire and water, we honour those spiritual characteristics of ourselves. We build the divinity within.

Just something I wrote a while ago, not too long before I discovered Gnosticism.
For me now, I realize that the Supernal Mother, whom I could never name before has always been Sophia for me. Christ, the Logos, as the Supernal Father. Both emanated from the Great Divine. The Pleroma.


  1. Thank you Brahva - though the winds of change have blown again and I'm floating off in other directions it seems. I'm tired of being a kite. It's rather chaotic.


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